Welcome! [ to Optaros Code ]

Open Source is part of the DNA of Optaros. We use Open Source components ourselves and on our client engagements. We actively contribute to existing open source projects and when we find client needs that aren't being addressed we may also publish and maintain our own projects that can be found here on code.optaros.com. For each project we provide key information and access to executables and the code

DoCASU [ Custom Alfresco UI ]

DoCASU is a user interface framework for the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management platform. With DoCASU 1.0, Alfresco users have a simplified and easy to use solution solution to access, search and add documents. DoCASU can be extended and adapted to meet specific needs and showcases what can be done with state-of-the-art frontend components. DoCASU 1.0 works with Alfresco 2.1.1 or later and can be downloaded here. Key features coming soon include a "drop zone" for dragging and dropping files onto the desktop, tabbed navigation, configurable skins, usability improvements and more.

OForge [ Integrated Assembly Environment ]

OForge is an enterprise collaboration tool that helps development teams work together to assemble great software. In fact, OForge is the tool we use at Optaros in order to collaborate with our clients and provide great transparency into our project work. OForge itself is an assembled application that is built on Trac, Subversion, and a collection of other popular tools used by development teams.