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Welcome to the OForge Project

OForge is an enterprise collaboration tool that helps development teams work together to assemble great software.

Modern software development involves globally distributed teams working together on solutions which are assembled from modular components and services rapidly and repeatably. Development teams no longer work in isolation to write code from scratch that implements a specification.

High-transparency, online workspaces help distributed and cross-department teams collaborate. Examples of teams breaking out of their silos:

  • Application development teams - Workspaces can bring together users, developers, consultants, contractors, and vendors to collaborate on application development
  • Shared components - Workspaces can be used to a help teams achieve reuse by working on shared components
  • Enterprise stacks - Teams can participate in the creation of standard "stacks" helps ensure they are evolving and meeting the needs of the teams
  • Standard tools - Teams can collaborate on the tools they use (testing tools, build systems, development environments)

The need for agility and speed is shortening the time from requirements definition to operations. Users, developers, partners, vendors, and support/operations need to work together to ensure rapid development and fast turnaround on changes and enhancements.

See the Features of OForge to learn more.

About OForge

OForge is sponsored by  Optaros and is the tool we use to collaborate with our clients to assemble solutions. OForge itself is assembled from open source components and services that are developed and used by distributed teams.

We have made OForge available so that we can more easily collaborate on its continued development.