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(edit) @642   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - Updated default class.
(edit) @641   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - Added root, depth and class arguments to ShowRelated? macro.
(edit) @640   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - Added ShowTree? macro.
(edit) @639   6 years cbalan ResourceTools?: - get_ancestors and get_children can support tree.
(edit) @638   6 years rcorsaro added warehouse functionality to oforge api and console.
(edit) @637   6 years rcorsaro updated reversion code on failure
(edit) @636   6 years aculapov - cleaned up the styles
(edit) @635   6 years aculapov - changed the template to contain only a match for trac ticket template
(edit) @634   6 years cbalan ResourceTools?: - Added get_tree method.
(edit) @633   6 years cbalan ResourceTools?: -updated get_resource_properties to support anonymous …
(edit) @632   6 years dgynn ticket list was printing out twice. now works with both new form and …
(edit) @631   6 years dgynn fix smtp enabled check and actually verified it working this time
(edit) @630   6 years dgynn fixed up javascript to prevent default events and cleaner strings
(edit) @629   6 years dgynn announcer didn't appear to check the smtp_enabled config setting anywhere
(edit) @628   6 years dgynn fixed the py:match for the out-of-the-box trac new ticket form
(edit) @627   6 years dgynn commented out code that invokes method that doesn't exist also save the …
(edit) @626   6 years dgynn added Alfresco and Continuum and removed WikiRename?
(edit) @625   6 years rcorsaro added DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE configuration bootstrap to auth script
(edit) @624   6 years aculapov - used the skip attribute in the fields list for hiding ticket fields
(edit) @623   6 years aculapov - modified the templates to work with trac ticket template
(edit) @622   6 years dgynn bump trac rev to  t:changeset:7597 to pickup sorted definition
(edit) @621   6 years aculapov - for the change_type operation if we don't have a type declared in the …
(edit) @620   6 years aculapov - added new action to the controller; this action will permit to change a …
(edit) @619   6 years cbalan Menus: -fixed processing menus twice on the same request
(edit) @618   6 years cbalan Continutrac: - fixed legend.
(edit) @617   6 years cbalan Continutrac: - fixed builds list navigation.
(edit) @616   6 years cbalan Menus: - Added '.perm' property.
(edit) @615   6 years dgynn fixed image src URLs
(edit) @614   6 years dgynn append the form at the end of the content rather than before the help div. …
(edit) @613   6 years dgynn make batch form folded by default
(edit) @612   6 years dgynn disabled typed ticket system
(edit) @611   6 years dgynn removed code for accessing changetime
(edit) @610   6 years dgynn sort unordered menu items after explicitly ordered items
(edit) @609   6 years dgynn sort on order field numerically
(edit) @608   6 years dgynn removed the error log message in get_quality_ratio
(edit) @607   6 years dgynn test that data exists
(edit) @606   6 years dgynn converted about module from a request handler to a filter to simplify …
(edit) @605   6 years dgynn updated [components] to include latest plugin additions
(edit) @604   6 years dgynn added filter which puts custom field values in a 'wiki_custom' dict …
(edit) @603   6 years cbalan ResourceTools?: - Removed env property from ResourceProperty? object.
(edit) @602   6 years aculapov - redesign the system to add the relations fields to the ticket object
(edit) @601   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - Added tags support & updated debug messages.
(edit) @600   6 years dgynn added ids to generated custom inputs
(edit) @599   6 years dgynn count must be an int
(edit) @598   6 years cbalan Continutrac: - Moved pagination for builds to cntxt nav menu.
(edit) @597   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - Fixed get_related method.
(edit) @596   6 years dgynn removed ul list-style
(edit) @595   6 years dgynn added DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE
(edit) @594   6 years dgynn fixed some field widths and labels added datepicker
(edit) @593   6 years dgynn use the default domain name for users without email address configured
(edit) @592   6 years dgynn only show the mailing list prefs if lists have been configured use the …
(edit) @591   6 years dgynn default the mailing list name to the project name
(edit) @590   6 years dgynn bump to  t:changeset:7596
(edit) @589   6 years dgynn fixed broken array building logic. and reformatted whitespace.
(edit) @588   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - After rename redirect to last version.
(edit) @587   6 years rcorsaro updated to reflect new modules
(edit) @586   6 years rcorsaro settings and python path are now dealt with in apache conf and trac.wsgi.
(edit) @585   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - Fixed setting 'wiki_type' for new pages.
(edit) @584   6 years dgynn added OFORGE_ADMIN only input for attachment max_size
(edit) @583   6 years dgynn added author info
(edit) @582   6 years dgynn removed deprecated macro, who's doc was rendering on the WikiMacros page
(edit) @581   6 years dgynn graphvizplugin now handles creation of the cache directory itself within …
(edit) @580   6 years dgynn temporary hack to hardcode htdocs because we're not using trac.css
(edit) @579   6 years dgynn updated to  th:changeset:4479
(edit) @578   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - update links to renamed resource on wiki_renamed event.
(edit) @577   6 years dgynn add includemacro and remove datefield, wikinotification from default …
(edit) @576   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - Added rename feature. (sorry for too long changeset)
(edit) @575   6 years rcorsaro fixed defect where trac.ini was getting saved even if it wasn't changed on …
(edit) @574   6 years aculapov - fixed sql generation for getting a parent ticket added a change …
(edit) @573   6 years cbalan IrcLogs?: - fixed Javascript error when no log file found.
(edit) @572   6 years cbalan Wikitools: - Save custom fields only at 'save' action.
(edit) @571   6 years cbalan Continutrac: - added 'reports' class to all 'listing' tables.
(edit) @570   6 years cbalan Dashboardreports: - added rollback on error in order to prevent other …
(edit) @569   6 years rcorsaro fixed defect where only first letter of username was getting added to …
(edit) @568   6 years rcorsaro enabled auto_upgrade by default
(edit) @567   6 years rcorsaro fixed non-working request filter. disable by default for better …
(edit) @566   6 years aculapov - added styling to the workflow controls fixed redirect when we don't …
(edit) @565   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - Prevent 'Page not modified, showing latest version. ' warning …
(edit) @564   6 years cbalan WikiTools?: - Prevented 'Page not modified, showing latest version. ' …
(edit) @563   6 years rcorsaro fixed defect where admins were overwritten by db cloning.
(edit) @562   6 years dgynn moved irclogsplugin from forks to trac-hacks
(edit) @561   6 years dgynn removed plugins datefieldplugin, wikinotification, and wikirenameplugin …
(edit) @560   6 years dgynn updating graphvizplugin to  th:changeset:4412
(edit) @559   6 years dgynn updating announcerplugin to  th:changeset:4427
(edit) @558   6 years dgynn updating tracwysiwygplugin to  th:changeset:4353
(edit) @557   6 years dgynn applying patch from  th:changeset:4366
(edit) @556   6 years dgynn applying patch from  th:changeset:4059
(edit) @555   6 years dgynn fixed h2 underline color typo
(edit) @554   6 years dgynn upgrade flot.js from 0.3 to 0.5 and use packed version
(edit) @553   6 years dgynn cleaner way to build the arrays, that IE also likes
(edit) @552   6 years dgynn converted all widgets to no-float style
(edit) @551   6 years dgynn more float removal and background-color matching
(edit) @550   6 years dgynn removed images not related to dashboard
(edit) @549   6 years dgynn use non-floated styles
(edit) @548   6 years dgynn use non-float styles and new-wdgt layout
(edit) @547   6 years dgynn converted progressmeters to not use floats. also removed unused styles.
(edit) @546   6 years dgynn boolean session attributes cause problems for postgres
(edit) @545   6 years dgynn postgres requires order bys to be in the group by set
(edit) @544   6 years dgynn an empty div is causing problems for either genshi or firefox. changing …
(edit) @543   6 years dgynn removed obsolete css file
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