20:37 Changeset [766] by rcorsaro
  • trunk/trac-hacks/announcerplugin/announcerplugin/subscribers/ticket_groups.py
fix for no cc field exception(with mail2trac)
20:12 Changeset [765] by rcorsaro
  • trunk/trac-hacks/announcerplugin/announcerplugin/subscribers/ticket_compat.py
fix for no cc field exception(with mail2trac
16:50 Changeset [764] by rcorsaro
  • trunk/plugins/oforgeplugin/share/conf/trac.ini.oforge
disabled nofication planel because we are using announcer plugin now
16:47 cbalan_picture-108.jpg attached to UserManagerPluginPictures by cbalan
16:42 UserManagerPluginPictures created by trac
Page created by tracusermanager.profile component
16:32 Ticket #31 (TicketCountQuery doesn't accept query operator for 'contains') closed by cbalan
fixed: Fixed in last DashboardReports's latest version. Closing this ticket. …
16:26 Dashboard edited by cbalan
16:20 Dashboard edited by cbalan
16:19 TicketStatusQuery edited by cbalan
16:16 TicketStatusQuery edited by cbalan
15:59 Changeset [763] by rcorsaro
  • trunk/plugins/techinventoryplugin
  • trunk/plugins/techinventoryplugin/setup.py
  • trunk/plugins/techinventoryplugin/techinventory
oforgetools moved to the public oforge project
15:57 Changeset [762] by rcorsaro
  • trunk/oforgetools
  • trunk/oforgetools/README
  • trunk/oforgetools/__init__.py
oforgetools moved to public oforge project
15:13 RoadmapProgress edited by cbalan
14:53 Changeset [761] by cbalan
  • trunk/plugins/dashboardreportsplugin/tracdashboardreports/macros.py
DashboardReports?: - Updated RoadmapProgress comments.
14:48 TicketCountQuery edited by cbalan
14:38 TicketCountQuery edited by cbalan
14:36 TicketCountQuery edited by cbalan
14:03 Ticket #33 (usermanager without accountmanager) closed by cbalan
fixed: Feature included in the last UserManagerPlugin version(0.4) available …
13:48 Changeset [760] by cbalan
  • trunk/plugins/usermanagerplugin/tracusermanager/templates/admin_um.html
UserManagerPlugin: - Fixed user session manager link.
13:36 Changeset [759] by cbalan
  • trunk/plugins/usermanagerplugin/tracusermanager/templates/admin_um.html
UserManagerPlugin: - Applied  th:changeset:5017
13:09 Ticket #7 (TaggedItemsTOC macro doesn't sort consistently) closed by cbalan
fixed: TaggedItemsTOC is deprecated. Please use ShowTagged. [[ShowTagged]]:: …
07:49 TicketTypedSystem edited by aculapov


18:42 Changeset [758] by rcorsaro
  • trunk/plugins/oforgeplugin/share/conf/trac.ini.oforge
menus disabled because they look bad with default trac templates.
13:18 Changeset [757] by cbalan
  • trunk
Trac revision bump.


17:26 Changeset [756] by rcorsaro
  • trunk/plugins/oforgeplugin/oforge/api.py
fixed problem with display_name being set as description instead of name …
17:10 TitleIndex edited by cbalan
13:25 TitleIndex edited by cbalan
13:23 _TracDefaultPages edited by cbalan
13:20 _TracDefaultPages edited by cbalan
13:19 _TracDefaultPages edited by cbalan
Name changed from _TracPages to _TracDefaultPages (diff)
13:19 _TracDefaultPages edited by cbalan
13:18 _TracDefaultPages edited by cbalan
13:18 _TracDefaultPages edited by cbalan
Name changed from Trac to _TracPages (diff)
12:08 _TracDefaultPages created by cbalan
09:09 Changeset [755] by cbalan
  • trunk/plugins/oforgeplugin/oforge/web_ui.py
Closing cursor before redirect.


20:20 Changeset [754] by cbalan
  • trunk/plugins/oforgeplugin/oforge/web_ui.py
Added default values handling for common arguments like DAYSBACK, …
19:25 Changeset [753] by cbalan
  • trunk/plugins/oforgeplugin/oforge/web_ui.py
Removed dynamic report's args filters. It's supported by upstream project.
17:58 Ticket #36 (Failing to enter a summary in new ticket doesn't keep values in fields) closed by cbalan
fixed: Fixed in 752. Closing this ticket.
17:55 Changeset [752] by cbalan
  • trunk/plugins/tickettypedsystem/ticketsystem/api.py
TicketTypedSystem: - Fixed req.args for /ticket and /newticket requests.
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