Version 8 last updated by cbalan on 11/18/08

Assembled Components

OForge is assembled from top open source projects in use today.

/static/chrome/common/trac_banner.png Trac provides the core of the application including the Wiki, Ticketing, and SCM web interface
svn logo Subversion is the source code management system
sqlite logo SQLite is used for the workspace database
continuum logo Continuum is the Java continuous integration system
 Archiva Archiva provides Maven repository management functionality
 UnrealIRCd UnrealIRCd provides the private IRC server for team chats
Supybot keeps the chat logs and alerts the channel on updates
mailman logo GNU Mailman provides mailing lists
postfix logo Postfix integrates in-bound email handling for creating tickets
apache logo Apache web server drives the web and coordinates security
 mod_wsgi mod_wsgi provides the high-performance WSGI interface to Apache
genshi logo Genshi provides the templating engine
jquery logo jQuery is the JavaScript library that drives the interactivity
trac-hacks banner Multiple plugins from the Trac-Hacks community have been incorporated (see below)

Trac-Hacks (and other external plugins)